We help you transform the customer experience through the use of digital proximity services.

The Bubbles Company offers a simple plug and play solution which triggers proximity services on consumer mobiles.

Act now to get started with proximity services.

Bubbles Company helps you get into proximity marketing easily with a comprehensive solution that combines both hardware and software.

Our device then interacts with mobile devices to trigger your services within the proper context.

You dont need any technical knowledge to get started we take care of everything. All you need is a Bubble and the service plan that best fits your needs.

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Our proximity services are - first and foremost - designed to enrich the consumers customer experience. We design experiences for them, while meeting your business goals.

Choose the services that interest you from our catalog, personalize them with your brand colors and get your proximity marketing platform up and running in no time.

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The Bubble is jam-packed with the latest plug and play technology.

The Bubble is a smart object designed to grab users attention in a location through the use of cutting-edge technology: NFC, Geofencing and Beacon (BLE).

We have designed a simple, functional object that anybody can set up. Just plug in the Bubble and it instantly comes to life in your premises.

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A free cell phone charging service for consumers

Offer a unique customer experience by providing a cell phone charging service compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Totems, colors, lights, logos - even the Bubbles themselves can be fully customized. Our models have been designed to integrate perfectly with your environment (shopping malls, boutiques, events, etc.)

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